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Our Linen Trousers

Linen has likely been in use ever since Humans have been walking this earth. The Egyptians in 4000BC used linen for clothing and textiles, and over the millennia the use of linen has grown exponentially.

Belfast, in Northern Ireland, is home to the majority of pure linen produced in the world since the Victorian Era, close to the English mills where we source the cloth for our Model T005 Linen Trousers.

However over the years, 100% pure linen product fabrics have become increasingly scarce, and it is very rare to find an item of clothing made from linen which isn’t a blend of polyester or cotton (or doesn’t cost a small fortune).

We decided to choose a 100% pure linen fabric because of it’s ability to wick sweat, breathe like nothing else and perform beautifully in the Summer heat. Linen is durable, and will last for years - and great linen clothing will only look better with age.

Linen in clothing has become a summer staple for many Australians, and we are proud to be offering our version of the perfect Summer trousers with this wonderful cloth.

We chose to combine a few different factors in our new trousers: an elastic waistband with a drawstring for maximum adjustability, double reverse pleats with a loose cut and deep side pockets for extreme comfort. The Model T005 Linen Trousers feature a beautiful cut and drape which can easily transition from a casual workplace to the bar, to the beach, to a yacht sailing around the Mediterranean.

- The Informale Team

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