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T005 + S011 = S005

We love our T005 Linen Trousers. Due to the constant demand for them, we believe our customers and followers love them just as much as we do. So we only found it fitting to create a pair of Shorts which carries the same design concept.

We had two main reasons for creating our S005 Linen Shorts:
1. There is nothing else like them on the market. By this we mean, they are casual in looks and design but still cut, tailored and well-made enough to dress up. This design easily fits into the wardrobe of the everyday man. We decided to create them in Navy, as Navy suits just about everyone, therefore making them the perfect all-round pair of shorts for the stylish man.
2. We wanted to create a short that was the opposite to our S011. Our S011 is one of our favourite designs, because of it’s particular design and Military heritage. With this also in mind, we decided to offer two completely different options in the shorts category, allowing us to appeal to a broad range of taste and preference. Whether it maybe the man who loves military influences in their wardrobe, or the man who loves simplicity, we have it covered.

Every time we create a new design and style, we always like to keep in mind the idea that they will be ‘forever’ pieces.
When we say forever we mean, literally forever. The material is designed to age well and last decades due to it’s durability. The finishings are of the utmost quality so there is less chances of them breaking or wearing out.
When creating our S005 we have made sure to do just this. Our S005, still maintain the same quality and finishings as our T005. This includes, clean stitching, a solid Riri zip and bar tacks to reinforce each pocket cleanly.
They may look like your average, run of the mill shorts but we assure you they are anything but.

- The Informale Team

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