How We Work

How We Work

‘Informale is a way of life and we look forward to living it with you.
Tailored Casualwear for the Everyday Man’

The ‘Informale’ Concept
Our goal at Informale (English Translation - Informal) is:
’To provide quality casual clothes for the everyday man’

Our inspiration comes from Classic Tailoring, and the Italian lifestyle.
Informale pieces achieves this by using flattering lines and comfortable drape.

We are also interested in the old-school idea of buying less, and buying quality. We aim to create small quantities of seasonal staples which will stand the test of time, build character with age yet continue to look fresh and relevant for years to come.

Our Vision:
Each piece in our collection is made for the Modern Man, seeking a stylish solution to a world growing more casual by the minute.

Each garment is made to easily fit into your wardrobe, adding a subtle sartorial flair to your everyday style.

A Note On Sustainability (The Informale Way):
We have worked very hard to ensure that every piece we create is made with the utmost respect for the environment, the Artisans we work with, and the rich history by which our clothing is inspired.

We will release new pieces slowly throughout each season, as our vision is to create essential pieces rather than entire collections.

All of our design and manufacturing is done in Melbourne, Australia.

We are simply not interested in sacrificing quality for profit, and we hope that shows clearly in the design, finishing and fabrics of the Informale garments soon to be a part of your wardrobe.

We source the best fabrics and trims we can find worldwide, even though they are sometimes more expensive than the alternative.
This is the Informale way.